"I never thought that my hair would grow back.  It is growing and filling in.  I am so glad that God allowed us to meet." - J. Brown

"As soon as I put your creme in my hair, it bounced back to life." - C. King

"My sister swears her hair is growing, so I want to order now too." T. Byers

"I'm loving my new hair cream!!! Thanks, Elizabeth Nonie for the great product and excellent customer service I can tell that the natural sheen and moisture is returning back in our hair. It also smells sooooo good!!!" - L. Scott

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"Yay!!!!!! I received my hair product!! So glad I tried it. I absolutely love it, especially the smell!! I got it for my 3 year old son. Haven't gotten the nerves to cut his hair yet, so it's long and I needed a product to keep moisture in his hair. Thanks Elizabeth for such awonderful natural product. You rock!!!" - S. McDaniel

"I received my jar yesterday! I love the scent and it gives my hair shine. Liking it so far." - A. Amos

"Thank you Elizabeth Nonie for the wonderful product, it is a hit at our house! Kaidyn's hair is so soft and all the kids at her school constanly tells her how great her hair smells!!!" - M. Bennett

"I’ve been rocking my natural hair for two years. I used product after product and read their advertisement but none seem to measure up to “their” words. It was just words to make a sale. My husband likes the way my hair feels. He said my hair feels soft and tender between his fingers. Your products made two things happy, my man and my hair. Thanks Elizabeth Nonie for a wonderful product." - F. Wade

"I received my product and wanted to let everyone know that my hair looks, feels and is moisturized. This product is worth the money. Everyone should try it. Thx Elizabeth." - V. Davis

Elizabeth Nonie, great product." - S. McGregory

"I received and like how it makes my hair feel soft. I have been natural for two years. I also like the smell." - L. Tyler

"Elizabeth Nonie Just stopped by the ClearChannel office downtown with her amazing product! It was an immediate hit amongst our women in the office, so much that the jar you gave me is gone!!!! Ms. Nonie, you have my number, let's talk about how to get this product on the shelves!!!!" - A. Marshane

"I tried my shampoo today! I love it!  Thank you, Elizabeth Nonie!" - M. Nelson

"This guy told me DAMN YOUR HAIR SMELLS GOOD this morning." - S. Renee

My Hair loves these products." - A. Robinson

"I need a pound of that cream!" - K. Washington

"Ok so here it is.  I bought your product yesterday at the conference (we were the two ladies in the military) I absolutely love your product!  No crunch and I was able to keep my defined curl.  Yay! I will most definitely be using your product!" - R. Gardner

"I received my creme yesterday, and I love how it feels and smells on my hair!  I will be ordering again!" - C. Moore

"It is real good.  I received a sample at the event." - C. Kennedy

"Hey Nonie!  Girl, don't have me come to your house.  I NEED PRODUCTS!!! LOL." - A. Friar

"Hey good God day Miss Liz.  Got my products and I simply love, love, love, love them" the smell, well let's just say "Heaven must smell like this" and the way it makes my hair really turns me on.  Oops did I just type that.  I am just saying love, love, love it Liz, you were graced to do this, so walk gracefully in your calling for all us women of color who have decided to "go natural."  Thanks Liz, I see more blessing coming your way." - D. Taylor

"My baby J. Maize and I are loving our awesome natural hair care product made with love!" - K. Williams-Maize

"I received my products today and the smell alone is worth the price.  I actually spread some on my husband said..what is that you are that a new perfume by Beyonce???? lol!!!" - L. Savage

"Keeps my hair amazingly moisturized reach out to Elizabeth Nonie for your very own." - D. Symone

"I love this product!  I ordered and received my products really fast" - L. Scott

"I love..., I will be ordering again!" C. King

"Thanks for buying for me MA!...Everybody like can you do my hair like yours?!" - A. Curry-Smith

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